What kind of packaging is needed for fresh delivery

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What kind of packaging is needed for fresh delivery

From farm to fork, the road to fresh food preservation can be described as full of hurdles. No process in the fresh supply chain should be underestimated. For processing and packaging companies, the growing demand for food protection, safe distribution and fresh food transportation has driven the industry to flourish.

1 In the list of famous dishes and snacks in China, most of the categories are dishes for the mass market. Fish, chicken, goose, duck, and shrimp occupy the top five of the famous dishes. Noodles, dumplings, Steamed buns, cakes and other categories have high sales and are welcomed by the market.

Such as Qingfeng steamed buns, Goubuli steamed buns, Zhiwei Xiaolong from Zhiweiguan, Zhiwei wontons, Yunnan Jianxinyuan Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, Wuhan Cailinji Hot Dry Noodles, etc., they are not only famous local foods, but also go to the national market and are well received by the people of the country. 's favorite. Based on the common people's market, it is the basis for catering categories and catering enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

2 The time-honored intangible cultural heritage products of cultural cuisine are deeply loved by the market

The representative dishes and intangible cultural heritage products of a group of time-honored Chinese enterprises have gone through generations of memories and passed the test of the times. They are not only the signature dishes of the company, but also the representative dishes of the cuisine and the region.

For example, Bianchifang’s roasted duck, Zhiwei sauce duck from Hangzhou Zhiweiguan, Dongpo pork from Hangzhou Louwailou, Fuzhou Juchunyuan’s Buddha Jumping over the Wall, Luoyang is really different, Luoyang water mat, Guangzhou restaurant’s Wenchang chicken, Ningbo champion Floor of rock candy turtle and so on. Their vitality comes from the inheritance and deep excavation of enterprise skills and food culture.

3 Catering + retail has become the new direction of the catering industry

A group of catering enterprises have used modern technology to strengthen the industrialization of famous dishes and dishes, and promote the new retail of catering. Through the combination of catering store sales + retail, online and offline integration, they have brought new growth points to the enterprises.

Such as semi-finished dishes from Shanghai Xinya Cantonese Restaurant, salted duck from Nanjing Luliuju, Wenchang chicken from Hainan Longquan, fried river shrimp from Shanghai Xiaonanguo, turmeric chicken from Xiangyang Fishing Port, etc., especially in the field of named snacks, Goubuli Group Retail channels account for an important proportion of the company's revenue.

At the same time, it has further strengthened the popularity and reputation of the catering brand in the minds of the people.

4. Leading brands in sub-categories have become new winners in the market

A group of catering enterprises choose a category, become bigger and stronger in this category, and become a representative enterprise of the category.

Such as the fish head bubble cake in Wangshun Pavilion, the Yellow River carp from Kerry, the stinky mandarin fish in the hometown of Hui merchants, and the pickled fish in Youjia. Among the named snacks, there are more good representatives, such as Zhiweiguan's Xiaolongbao, Cai Linji's hot dry noodles, Laosun's mutton steamed bun, Xiaoyang Shengjian's Shengjianbao, etc.

Being meticulous in subdivided categories has become a successful strategic choice for many catering companies in today's era when consumers choose a restaurant because they want to eat a dish.

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