What to pay attention to when buying a modified atmosphere packaging machine

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What to pay attention to when buying a modified atmosphere packaging machine

How to choose a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine First of all, you must understand the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine. Only by understanding what is a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, you can truly understand the preservation of fresh-keeping and then choose the right equipment for yourself:

1. The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine must have a high-precision gas automatic mixing device, and its precision control requires precise, the maximum error rate should be ≤2.0%, and the ideal state should be ≤1.0%.

The key to modified atmosphere preservation is to use compound fresh-keeping gas with precise proportions according to the characteristics of different foods. For example, the fresh-keeping of Shanghai Qing, the gas mixing ratio is O2: 4-5%; CO2: 1-2%, and the damage concentration is 5%. ; N2: 95-97%, if the O2 content is low, it will cause anaerobic respiration and necrosis, while the high content of O2 or CO2 cannot inhibit the respiration rate and affect the preservation period; when the CO2 exceeds its harmful concentration, the orchid will deteriorate and deteriorate. Therefore, the core technology of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine must have a high-precision automatic gas mixing device; another core technology of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is the gas replacement device with a high replacement rate (the replacement rate is 95%-99.5%), because If the gas replacement is not sufficient and the air remains too much, the expected fresh-keeping requirements cannot be achieved. Therefore, a qualified composite modified atmosphere packaging machine must meet the requirements of the above two core technical indicators, otherwise the equipment must be a "pseudo composite modified atmosphere packaging machine". If such products are purchased, it will definitely bring economic losses to the buyer.

2. Manufacturers of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines must fully grasp the knowledge related to food preservation

Modified atmosphere preservation is a multi-link and multi-field technology integration. Therefore, modified atmosphere packaging machine manufacturers must have rich and comprehensive research on the characteristics of food, fruits and vegetables, pretreatment technology, food processing environment, equipment combination, packaging materials and operating procedures. If the manufacturer does not know the characteristics of the food, how can the food be kept fresh? As a new product, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine has just come out, and consumers are not very clear about its technical knowledge. Therefore, in addition to purchasing qualified equipment, customers should also request the equipment manufacturer to provide a full set of technical support to ensure that The customer's products achieve the effect of preservation.

3. Must have high-quality R&D manpower and scientific research team

Whether the company has development potential and how to ensure the quality of its products requires high-quality R&D personnel and a professional scientific research team. Without these backings, whether the quality of the products can pass the test and whether it can win the trust of consumers will all exist. question. Therefore, when purchasing a product, not only the price and appearance of the product, but also the inherent quality of the product and the R&D capability of the manufacturer should be paid attention to.

4. The rationality of the structure and quality reliability of the modified atmosphere packaging machine are also one of the safety choices.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is mainly used for food fresh-keeping packaging, and the packaging environment and the number of bacteria in the packaging materials have a great impact on the fresh-keeping of food, so it is necessary to use stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials. In addition, because the heat-sealing film roll may take several days to be used up in the actual production process and is easily contaminated by bacteria, it is not conducive to the use of ultraviolet rays or ozone to sterilize the heat-sealing film roll in a closed environment.

In short, before purchasing air-conditioning equipment, it is necessary to observe and compare comprehensively to avoid losses caused by mistakenly purchasing substandard products.


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