MAP580 Vertical Semi-automatic Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packing Machine


This vertical modified atmosphere packing machine is mainly used for premade box packing of fresh, refrigerated, frozen and other foods. The machine adopts drawer type design and is very compact, which is the best choice for small batch production. It provides the perfect packing solution for small producers, butchers and urban distributors.

The entry and exit of the machine mold is pneumatically controlled. And the cover film is automatically fed in each cycle under the drive of the film release mechanism and the film shrinking mechanism without manual intervention. The process of modified atmosphere packing is that after the lower and upper molds are closed, the air around the product is evacuated by a vacuum pump, and then a protective gas is injected into it so as to enhance the color of the product and prolong the shelf life.

Machine advantages

It can seal packing boxes and different materials packing film such as complex film, single film, co-extruded film, etc.

It has fast and replaceable mold design

Schneider electrical system

Constant speed feed film system

Fast shrink film system

Japan Mitsubishi programmable control system

High intensity aluminum alloy mold

Application fields

Chilled fresh meat, delicatessen, seafood, fruit and vegetable

Technical parameter

Product Model No


Working method

Pneumatic, electric

Max width of rolling film (mm)


Max diameter of rolling film (mm)


Matched mold packing box size

Customized according to sample box customer provide

Theoretically packing speed (Box/hour)

400-800 boxes/hour

Gas displacement rate (%)


Gas distribution accuracy (%)


Working power supply (V/Hz)

AC 380V/ 50Hz 10A

Working air pressure (MPa)

0.6-0.8 MPa

Total power (kW)

4.5 kW

Equipment dimension (Reference mm)


Equipment weight (kg)



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