MW-SNG10 Cherry Tomato Automatic Tray Packing Machine



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MW-SNG10 Cherry Tomato Automatic Tray Packing Machine







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MW-SNG10 Cherry Tomato Automatic Tray Packing Machine

The cherry tomatoes packaging system consists of a screening drum line, a large inclination hoist, a combination weigher, a boxing machine, a canning machine, a box capping machine, a labeling machine, and a disc sorting machine.

1. Pour the cherry tomatoes into the vibrating silo in front of the screening drum line, and the vibrator will evenly push the materials to the drum conveyor line for manual selection. The selected materials enter the large inclination hoist to lift the materials to the combination scale.

2. Put the whole stack of boxes into the cartoning machine to turn on the cartoning machine and the canning machine. The cartoning machine will put boxes on the canning machine according to the operation steps of the canning machine. When the box runs to the filling point, it will automatically stop waiting for the packaging machine to put the material.

3. Turn on the combination weigher. The combination weigher will put the weighed materials into the box and then adjust the canning machine to move one space and put it again.

4. The box with the material put into the lid is capped and then capped by the capping machine. The box with the lid is automatically labeled, the label will automatically be dated, and the box will flow into the disc physiotherapy machine after the label is placed.

The Machine Parts



Filter machine

1 set

Large angle hoist

1 set

10 Head Combination Weigher

1 set

Tray feeding Machine

1 set

Filling Machine

1 set

Tray sealing machine

1 set

Labeling Machine

1 set

Disc sorting machine

1 set

Machine Parameter




900-1800 tray per hour

Combination Weigher

10 head Double output nozzle 2.5L

Feeding Type

Large angle hoist  2.2米 height

Filling System

Servo motor driving

Labeling machine

Horizontal type

Packing weight


Unqualified exclusion method

Removal of unqualified materials from the collecting hopper

Tray feeding Machine

The vacuum suction cup is matched with the dial box cylinder. Can store 50 boxes

Capping machine

pneumatic cylinder capping


steel seal

Machine Deminsion




Auto Tray Denester

I. Application:

It is suitable for round cup, square tray auto feeding one by one

II. Special features:

 Auto separate tray or cup filling individually;

 Mitsubishi PLC + 7I touch Screen for stable performance;

 Different tray dimension replacement without tool, save production time;

 Full stainless steel 304 frame with water proof design, to working in high humidity environment;

III. Specifications:

Single Tray Dimension

L=100-280; W=85-245; H=10-75 mm


1-60 trays/min

Working Method

Pneumatic + Sucker

Air Consumption

0.6 mpa

Control Panel

7” Touch Screen + Mitsubishi PLC

Power Requirement

220V/50/60HZ  8A/800W

Packing Dimension(mm)

1430L x 930W x 1795H mm

Gross/Net Weight(kg)


Large angle hoist

GZPT Working Platform

Main Technical Parameters


stainless steel 304

Working Platform


XLQ-GCZHC-1015 2.5L 10-Head Weigher


It is mainly apply in automatic  weighing various granular products in food or non-food  industries, such as potato chips, nuts, frozen food, vegetable, sea food, nail, etc.


IP65 waterproof, use water cleaning directly, save time while cleaning;

Modular control system, more stability and lower maintenance fees;

Production records can be checked at anytime or download to PC;

Load cell or photo sensor checking to satisfy different requirements;

Preset stagger dump function to stop blockage;

Design linear feeder pan deeply to stop small granule products leaking out;

Refer to product features, select automatic or manual adjust feeding amplitude;

Food contact parts disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean;

Multi-languages touch screen for various clients, English, French, Spanish, etc;

PC monitor production status, clear on production progress (Option).

Main Technical Parameters



Weighing Range

10-1000 grams

Max. Speed

80 bags/min


+ 1-1.5 grams

Weigh Bucket Volume


Control Penal

7" Touch Screen

Power Supply

220V/50HZ or 60HZ; 12A; 1500W

Driving System

Stepper Motor

Packing Dimension

1720L*1100W*1100H mm

Gross Weight

550 kg

Machine Details

Using load cells, the computer examines the weight in

each weigh bucket. From those weights, the optimal

combination to obtain the target weight is instantaneously

selected and discharged. If a combination of 5 weigh buckets

is selected out of 10 the number of possible combinations is 252

A: Easy disassemble

B: Easy removable

C: Buckets 0.5/1.6/2.5/5L

D: Top of center column

E: 4 side base frame

F: Chute angle

G: Actuator unit

H: 7" or 9.7" Touch Screen

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