Preservation scheme of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables

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Preservation scheme of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables

Pain Points of Traditional Fruit and Vegetable Retailing Those who often go to the supermarket must be familiar with this scene: a large number of customers are picking and picking fruits and vegetables in bulk. With such back and forth tossing, what employees do a lot before leaving get off work every day may be to deal with damaged fresh food.

Consumers gossip about rooting and peeling, causing losses to retail terminals

When picking, pinching, pinching and other habits cause damage to fruits and vegetables

Diligently choose the good ones. When the retail terminal closes, there are only a bunch of goods that no one is interested in buying anymore.

The huge loss of fruits and vegetables is the pain point of traditional retail terminals. With the rise of new retail and e-commerce in China, and in line with the needs of online and offline sales and distribution, the old tradition of bulk fruit and vegetables obviously cannot meet this new economic model. Combining the above: ① Reduce losses ② Comply with the new retail sales and distribution model. To achieve these two demands, we can only stop losses in time if we form independent packaging of fruits and vegetables.

Although modified atmosphere packaging has a longer shelf life, it cannot escape the fact that the cost is higher, and:

Manufacturers will choose higher value-added products to use this form of packaging

Deep processing before packaging, mainly cleaning vegetables and fruit cutting

Audiences are limited

The characteristics of the new retail of fruits and vegetables have made the form of plastic wrap packaging attract more attention from merchants:

Wide audience coverage and high capacity demand

Less sensitive to shelf life

Mingwei Machinery's solution for the whole line of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables came into being

There are many domestic brands of modified atmosphere packaging machines for fruits and vegetables, but to achieve large-scale production capacity output, reduce labor costs, and form a whole-line solution, it is right to watch Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery.


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