MWPZ-YT10 Spider Hand Bottle Hot Air Dryer


The spider hand blow dryer uses the large air volume generated by the blower to powerfully blow off/dry the water droplets outside the bottle to achieve the drying effect, thereby preparing for the next step of printing, labeling, labeling and other packaging. The overall structure of the spider hand blow dryer is reasonable and simple, and it is easy to operate. At the same time, the drying principle is to blow dry with 60℃ hot air, making it an ideal choice for small blow drying equipment. Spider hand blow dryer is mainly composed of 8kw vortex blower, stainless steel and glass frame and air knife. It adopts double rows of small air knives, and the air knives can be freely adjusted up, down, left and right, fully ensuring the drying effect, and also has strong applicability to bottles of different diameters and heights.

Model: HGJ-2

Production capacity (bottles/hour): 2000-2500

Applicable bottle height (mm): 200-380

Working principle: high pressure hot air

Machine power (KW): 8KW

Overall dimensions (mm): 2440x800x1700


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