Multi-head Piston Type Fully Automatic Filling Machine


Product Description:

The multi-head piston type fully automatic filling machine is a new generation of automatic filling machine developed by our company based on many years of production experience and absorbing the world's advanced technology. It adopts the piston dosing principle, and its electrical and pneumatic components are from world-famous brands. It is controlled by PLC and human-machine interface. It has novel design, beautiful appearance, friendly interface, strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate filling amount, and easy maintenance. . It is widely used in the filling of various liquids, viscous bodies, and pastes. It can replace the filling valve (that is, it becomes a multi-head thick sauce automatic filling machine). It can also fill semi-liquids, pastes, and sauces containing particles. wait.


① Using electrical and pneumatic components from world-renowned brands, it has low failure rate, reliable performance and long service life.

② Adopt high-strength stainless steel frame, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and complies with GMP requirements

③ The filling volume and filling speed are easy to adjust, operated and displayed by the touch screen, and the appearance is beautiful;

④ Equipped with a no-bottle, no-filling function and automatic liquid level control for feeding;

⑤ Bottles of various shapes and specifications can be quickly adjusted without replacing parts;

⑥ The filling head is equipped with a special anti-leakage device, and there will be no stringing or dripping during filling.

Note: The filling range and speed can be designed with different filling heads according to user needs.

Technical Parameters:

Number of filling heads 6
Filling range  1000-6000
Filling speed  8-10 bottles/min (5000ml)
Measuring accuracy  ±1%
Power, voltage  2.2kw, 220v
Working air pressure  6-7kg/cm2
Air consumption  1mpa
Machine net weight  500


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