SLLM Hot Melt Glue Composite Paper Tube Labeling Machine



1. This machine is suitable for plastic bottle, glass bottles, paper cans, paper tube and other round container label, label with glue or both ends of the coating.

2 Imported PLC control system, easy replacement cans and the label, do not change any mold parts, just adjust the label unit and cans positioning and set data on man-machine interface .

3 Put the label into the label unit ,  photoelectric automatic detection,  feeding ,  gluing , labeling by the machine automatically completed within a second.

4 PLC automatic temperature control system , so that the glue has always maintained constant temperature . temperature accurate to 0.1 degrees,  set the temperature automatically start the built-in insulation program to save more than 50%.

5 The thickness of gluing can be adjusted to 0.05MM-0.15MM. The new improved sizing system is in favor of saving the usage of hot melt adhesive, and completely solved due to a cardboard cut caused by uneven glue.

6. Three roll into a round labeling system, roller adopts imported high temperature fine silicone, label and cans attached closely and labeling of smooth and beautiful appearance, even large diameter soft thin thickness wall paper tube can also very good labeling continuously .

7 PLC control system, easy to operate, and the feedback speed of the system is more than 2 times faster than different circuits, and increase the automatic preheating, overload protection, specifications and other functions, the real operation of intelligent. The function of automatic tube down

8 Automatic discharge , without manual tube removal. Pipe can be automatically discharge , automatic conveyor . Capacity  is 2 times of manual remove tube models.

9. The patented design of hot melt adhesive coating apparatus, coating thin, fast cooling, cooling in 0.3 seconds. After cooling, the interface does not appear marked the end there is an opening or gap phenomenon, can mark Signed with the tank attached tightly, beautiful smooth, almost without waiting for drying can immediately enter the next step to continue processing.

10. Feed clutch imported from Japan, Miki clutch, bearings imported from Japan NSK Bearings. Further improve paper feed accuracy and service life.

11. Our intensive steps means alloy developed independently, is currently the most reliable and the most effective means of preventing double sheet. Double sheet chance to reach above 0.1%.

Main Technical



Paper can specification


Label width


Label thickness


Labeling precision


Rated power


Heating power


Host power


Host speed


Power voltage

220v  2phase

Air pressure


Labeling speed

20-30pcs/ Min

Machine weight


External dimension



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