Soybean Automatic Weighing Pouch Packaging Machine

The machine is used for packing Sauce , Tea, Seeds, areca-nut , Candy, Cereal, Candied, Chocolate, Biscuits, Peanuts, Pastry, Expanded Food etc.

Product Usage

The machine is used for packing  Sauce , Tea, Seeds, areca-nut , Candy, Cereal, Candied, Chocolate, Biscuits, Peanuts, Pastry, Expanded Food etc.


Pouch Type

Stand Bag , Handle Bag , Zipper Bag , Four Side Sealing Bag , Paper Bag , Compound bag etc.



Soybean packaging machine is a full-automatic bag-type packaging machine for soy bean packaging. The machine is automatic operation from feeding to finished product output, without manual intervention, the whole packaging is automated, the packaging speed is fast, and the processing efficiency is high.

The soybean packaging machine is composed of a bag-type host, a Z-type material elevator, a work support platform, and an electronic combination scale. Its working process is: the operator pours the soybeans into the vibrating hopper, and the vibrating hopper vibrates the soybeans onto the Z-type In the material cup of the feeder, the soybeans are transported to the electronic scale through the feeder for weighing and weighing, and then discharged into the bag for sealing.



Bag Size

Width:80~200mm , Length :100-300mm

Fill Weight

10-2500g Depend the product 


10-60bags /min , The 

Speed is up to product and weight

Filling accuracy

≤±1% according product

Total Power


Air Requirement

0.6m3/min 0.8mpa





Machine Process drawing: (8 working stations for reference):



1. Pouch Supplying --> 2. Coding Date + --> 3. Zip Opening (if need)--> 4. Pouch Opening ---> 5. Filling + Vibrating (if need)---> 6. Option functions (Nitrogen flushing/2nd fillings ) --> 7. Sealing 1st ---> 8. Sealing 2nd + Output


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