FHQY-1100 High Speed Slitting Machine


一、Main technical parameters

1. Maximum unwinding width :1100mm

2. Guide roller width :1150mm

2. Maximum unwinding diameter: 800mm

3. Maximum mechanical speed :400m/min

4. Rewinding maximum diameter: 500mm

5. Minimum cutting width :40mm

6. The weight of the whole machine is :about 5T

7. Total power: 25KW

8. Size: 3000×2800×1500mm

二、The structure and function of the machine

1. Unwinding parts

a. The unwinding adopts shaft air top loading and unloading, equipped with 3"key bar type air expansion shaft.

b. The feeding adopts air pressure lifting, which is convenient for loading and unloading.

c. Unwinding tension is driven by an AC variable frequency motor.

d. The unwinding tension is controlled by PLC and frequency converter, which can keep the unwinding tension constant.

e. Unwinding adopts automatic photoelectric correction method

f. The unwinding roller is equipped with a deflection roller, which can easily adjust the unilateral tightness of the raw material.

2. Cutting parts

a. The cutting power is driven by the main traction variable frequency motor, and the transmission adopts a synchronous belt.

b. Slitting adopts the upper and lower round knife method.

c. The lower knife for slitting can easily replace the lining ring of the bottom knife according to the slitting specifications.

d. The slitting upper knife shaft adopts a swing structure, and the swing is controlled by the worm wheel and the upper and lower knives are tightened.

e. Negative pressure suction device.

3. Traction platen roller parts

a. The power of traction platen roller is driven by three-phase AC frequency conversion motor and controlled by frequency converter.

b. The transmission mode adopts synchronous belt.

c. The paper pressing roller is made of hard chrome-plated steel roller after balanced secondary fine grinding

4. Winding parts

a. Rewinding adopts shaft pneumatic clamping mechanism, mechanical swing loading and unloading, equipped with 2 key bar type air expansion shafts to ensure lateral positioning accuracy and convenient loading and unloading.

b. The winding tension is driven by two three-phase AC variable frequency motors.

c. Rewinding tension is controlled by PLC, which can be set according to the parameters and winding diameter required by the slitting process, and can be automatically controlled by setting the taper mode.

d. There are two left and right rewinding shafts, the left rewinding shaft or the right rewinding shaft can be used alone, or both can be used at the same time. The two winding shafts pneumatically press the traction pressure roller, the pressure can be adjusted freely, and the pressing force is controlled by a precision pressure regulating valve.

5. Electrical control system

a. The unwinding section is composed of a frequency converter, an AC variable frequency motor, and a photoelectric automatic deviation correction system.

b. The slitting part and the traction pressing roller are controlled by the frequency converter to drive the main motor to drive the slitting upper and lower knives and the traction pressing roller.

c. The winding section is composed of two frequency converters and two AC variable frequency motors.

d. The control part is centrally controlled by PLC to complete the detection and control functions, and control the winding tension according to the size of the winding diameter and the set tension parameters.

e. The display part is a touch screen, which can conveniently set the cutting parameters and display the working status during the cutting process.

三、 Configuration of main components

1. Inverter 4 units from Yaskawa, Japan

2. Automatic correction device 1 set made in Guangzhou

3. PLC Siemens 1 set

4. Touch screen Siemens 1 set

5. Unwinding motor ABB 1 set

6. Traction motor ABB 1 set

7. Winding motor ABB 2 sets

8. Main bearing Japan NSK

9. The main pneumatic components are from Taiwan AirTAC

10. The guide roller has passed the dynamic balance test, anodized hardened aluminum guide roller

11. The main low-voltage electrical appliances adopt French Schneider

Since this model is one of high-tech products, we reserve the right to change some structures and parameters according to design requirements, so as to better provide you with good equipment.


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