MW-960 High-speed Integrated High-efficiency Slitting Machine


 Host composition:

1. The main engine must be made of large cast iron and steel structure. (pig iron undergoes secondary processing).

2. The main drive shaft must be seamless steel pipe (tempered. Surface hardened, chrome-plated, surface, dynamic balance treatment).

3. The main driving pressure roller is made of rubber (butadiene rubber).

4. The guide roller material adopts aluminum roller (hard chrome plating and special polishing treatment to avoid material scratches) and rubber roller (butadiene rubber).

5. The driving mode of the main machine and the rewinding shaft must be equipped with high-quality synchronous wheels and belts.

6. All bearings must be lubricated and protected by dust covers.

7. White machine. Please note that there is no paint on the slide guides, cylinder shafts and any precision instruments.

8. All machine parts must be painted white (not nickel/chrome)

9. All machine parts must have good finishing

10. All main bearings must have a lubrication maintenance point.

11. All welds must be cleaned before painting.

12. Wires of the same color must have the same function (for easy maintenance)

13. The wire connection must be as accurate as possible.

14. The brake resistor must be fixed on the top of the electrical box.

15. The gear hole should be adapted to the shaft for installation

16. All sensor brackets must be made of solid steel rod.

 Unwinding composition:

1. Unwinding into an independent structure. It uses movable brackets with maximum linear guides to reduce friction when the EPC is operating.

2 Shaftless air expansion shaft unwinding, which can quickly clamp and load raw materials (single-person operation).

3. A set of balance adjustment device, which can be adjusted left and right, forward and backward through the manual turntable.

4. On both sides of the unwinding, there are two sets of guide rollers, which prevent sliding to the left or right when the material is close.

5. The tension brake for unwinding has two sets of magnetic powder, or air brakes. Two gauges to check the tension of unwinding material.

6. EPC uses the German brand "E+L" edge and line tracking device. It can accurately complete the tracking function from the edge of the material.

7. The film cutting and receiving station must be as close as possible to the coil material (not between the unwinding machine and the main machine).

8. The second display is near the current roll, showing the parameters at the end of the roll.

9. The unwinding accessories must be protected by a barbed wire and unimportant elements. (SICK or PILS brand).

 Rewinding part:

1. The winding shaft adopts 2.755 inches (70mm), 3 inches (76mm), 6 inches (152mm) slip shafts, controlled by proportional valves.

2. The locking mode adopts pneumatic control.

3. The brakes of winding tension are two sets of proportional valves, which realize constant tension by calculating the current pulled-in material through PLC.

4. Winding rollers (two sets).

5. Two slitting systems, one circular cutter (20 sets) system can be adjusted quickly, and one straight knife system with a slitting machine bracket (20) equipped with a ruler. When an emergency stop occurs, the knife or blade must be forcibly withdrawn from the film.

6 Equipped with a vacuum waste removal system, using a powerful waste removal system

7. Equipped with a movable waste edge rewinder, which is used for rewinding thick materials in the machine. It is controlled by the host, and automatically follows the current speed of the machine, while reducing dust in the purification workshop.

8. Real-time diameter inspection technology is connected to the rewinding part, the German brand "P + F" ultrasonic sensor detects the precise diameter and it calculates the most suitable tension for the PLC, when the rewinding diameter is changing, two strain gauges are used to check the current pull-in material (closed loop control).

9. Equipped with a discharge rack can provide a larger diameter finished product. Simple, efficient operation and time saving for the next feed.

10. The discharge frame must have two 2.755 inch shafts and two 6 inch diameter removable adapters or


11. The unloading rack must have an unlocking function on the control panel. (not on the unloading shelf).

12. It must be able to rewind the 3-inch upper reel and the 6-inch lower reel at the same time.

(one ultrasonic sensor per axis must be used).

13. It must be possible to have shafts of different lengths between the upper and lower winding shafts.

14. The rewinder must be equipped with 12 paper tube positioning lasers.

15. The laser locator can be turned off/on individually on the touch screen or control panel.

16. Before winding the reel, a crowbar system must be installed to keep the film in position when the paper tube is changed.

17. The motor automatically pushes the material. (Please note our rollers are heavy with 6 inch paper tubes).

18; Equipped with a safety device and a safety relay (Sick or Leuze brand).

 Composition of electrical equipment:

1. A main servo motor.

2. Two winding servo motors.

3. ECP adopts analog control, through ultrasonic or optical signal, driven by servo motor.

4. Two tension gauges are used to control the automatic tension of the unwinding part.

5. Two ultrasonic sensors adopt upper and lower winding shafts to check the actual diameter change of each shaft, for better tension control.

6. A Siemens PLC can realize accurate and stable control, color touch display screen can make the picture simple and beautiful. The interactive parameter setting environment can start working without complicated structures: the user only needs to input the thickness, width, density, diameter and speed parameters of the material, and then the calculation must be automatically completed by the computer.

7. Automatic and manual function operation acceleration and deceleration.

8. Static elimination function: The machine must be equipped with two sets of ion generators on the upper and lower rewinding shafts, which can effectively eliminate the static electricity generated during slitting and rewinding.

9. The movable main control box can follow the operator from the front to the back of the machine (easy to use).

10. The second touch screen (Siemens) must be installed at the back of the machine (bottom of the coil).

11. A switch box must be installed on the side of the operator to switch each laser (20).

 Machine performance:


2. The maximum roll paper diameter is 1200mm, and the weight is 2 tons.

3. Film width 1600mm.

4. Film thickness 14-200µm.

5. The maximum diameter of the winding shaft is 800mm.

6. The minimum winding width is 40mm.

7. The diameter of the winding shaft is 2.755 inch (70mm), 3 inch (76mm) and 6 inch (152mm).

8. It can rewind materials with different widths up and down at the same time.

9. It can run 3inch upper winding shaft and 6inch lower winding shaft at the same time.

10. Two cutting systems with 20 round knives and straight knives.

11.20 The paper tube positioning laser has each independent switch.

 Emergency stop:

Principle: When someone presses the emergency stop, everything running (motors, pneumatics, hydraulic bearings...), and moving parts must be stopped as quickly as possible (interrupt, stop ..) to prevent personal injury.

This means that all hazardous areas must be protected (including emergency switches, non-essential resistors and safety relays, non-essential steel bars have a safety relay close to the material unwinding section...). the

The PLC never does any emergency stop action!!!! It only receives emergency messages to reset its logic, and the output is in an initialized position. the

After pressing the emergency button, the operator must press another button to restart the machine (reset).


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