MW-SEC3000 Single Rewinding Shaft Slitting Rewinding Machine



This machine is used for slitting and rewinding various large rolling materials such as paper,(50g/m2~450g/m2 non-carbon paper, capacitance paper, bill paper), double-face adhesive tape, coated paper, aluminum foil,  BOPP Film PVC, plastic material, etc.

Performance and Characteristics  :                                

This machine use three motors synchronous for controlling, automatic taper tension, central surface reeling.

Frequency converter timing for main machine,keeping speedup and stable operation.

It has the functions of automatic metering, automatic alarm, etc.

Adopt A pneumatic shaft structure for rewinding, easy for loading and unloading.

It adopts liquid press style subtense system

Equipped with automatic waste film blowing device by circle blade.

Automatic material inputting shaftless ,hydraulic loading.

Technical Data:

Max Width


Thickness Of Material

60g-450g(According To The Material)

Max Diameter Of Raw Material


Max Diameter Of Rewinding


Slitting Width


The Unwinder Diameter Core


Rewinding Shaft


Error Correcting Precision


Precision Of Slitting


Max Speed

50- 500m/Min

Total Power



About 12000kg

Main Color Of Machine Body

Milky Color

Machine Dimension LxWxH


Adopts casting style for machine body

Adopts hydraulic shaft less loading system

40kg tension magnetic powder controller and auto taper style control

With Hydraulic shaft less unwinding

Transmission guide roller: aluminum guide roller with active balance treatment (¢120×3050mm)

Adopts liquid press style sub tense system, Error-correction precision: ±0.2mm  

Unwinder tension control by PLC

Main Machine Part

Adopts 60# high-quality casting structure

Supported by non-gap empty steel tube

Adopts motor and speed reducer together

Adopts frequency timing system for main motor


Transmission structure: adopts control V6/H11KW(encode made in Japan)

Guide roller: adopts aluminum alloy guide roller with active balance treatment

Aluminum guide roller: ¢120×3050mm

Import synchronous belt drive and wheel together

Traction device

Structure: active traction manual pressing style

Pressing style is controlled by cylinder: ¢63×30mm

Pressing roller: rubber roller (¢120×3050mm)

Active roller: chrome plate steel roller (¢150×3050mm

Drive style: main transmission shaft will be drove by main motor, and active shaft traction will be drove by main shaft

Slitting device

5 Sets Shear Type Rotary blade for slitting

Upper knife shaft: pneumatic

Upper round knife: can be adjusted freely.

Lower knife shaft: steel shaft

Lower round knife: can be adjusted by shaft cover

Slitting precision: ±0.2mm  

1.5mm cold rolled sheet safety cover and Transparency organic glass


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