MW-SF1100 Film And Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine


Use :
This machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding such various roll materials as
BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil and paper, etc. and can cut edge,
separate and cut material according to different requirements during production.

Features :

1. Independent microcomputer control , making easy operation.
3. Magnetic powder control for tension of unwinder and rewinder . Optional choose
PLC control automatic tape tension control ,Max Speed: 200m/min
4. Auto metering with material running, auto photoelectric error correction for unwinder
5. Equipped with side waste scrap air-blower
6. Dual-air shaft for rewinder
7. Disc knife accessories must be selected for splitting aluminum foil and paper.

Main technical parameter :

Type MW-SF1100
Max. Width of Mother Roll 1050mm
MAX. Diameter of Mother Roll Φ600mm
Max. Rewinder Diameter Φ450mm
Mini Slitting Width 30mm
Slitting and Rewinding Speed 5-150m/min
Precision of EPC <±0.5mm
Total Power 5kw
Weight of Machine 1800kg
Overall Dimension ( L x W x H mm) 1200x2100x1400

Machine Parts
Unwinding Shaft : 3" Air shaft unwinder with magnetic 10KG powder brake
Rewinding Shaft : Mechanical friction shaft With 5kg powder Clutch
Web guide control system
Frequency inverter motor
Emergency switch
10 Straight knife for film material slitting
Encoder for Automatic meter counter which will stop the machine when reach the
pre-set length
Chain to avoid the overlap problem

Electrical and Electronic Components
Transducer China
Web guide China
Unwinder Power Brake China
Drawing motor China
Rewinder Power Clutch China
Main pneumatic part KAOGER
Main Bearing China
Low-voltage apparatus China CHINT


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