MW-SGP1600 Non Woven Fabric Dots-severing Slitting Rewinding Machine



Rack structure: the main wall and some profiles, for the split connection structure, in the cutting knife position and the location of the material with a step board, easy to operate;

Discharge rack a group, with Ф74 air shaft;

Automatic correction (hydraulic correction device);

Equipped with a rolling-type roller for spreading wrinkles;

Traction device: with a set of steel roller;

Punching device: using a screwdriver to fight the dotted line, punching pitch adjustable, with 1: 3 chain transmission adjustment (long section 200-600mm);

Slitting device: the use of gas slitting device, cut the end of the neat, cut the width of the task adjustable;

In the rewinding part is equipped with pneumatic pressure roller, used to adjust the winding tightness;

Surface coiling, rewinding in the middle of two rewinding rolls;

Reel roller: one for the anti-skid roller, the other and for the cutting knife;

Mechanical capacity: 0-200 m / min;

Host power: 4KW;


Automatic counting

Manual, automatic servo motor control synchronous discharge;

Catheter with aluminum alloy material, no resistance, good guide;

Main Technical :

How it works: Pneumatic feeding -Servo motor control - Traction - Dot - Slitting - Rewinding - Releasing finished

Material specifications: 160x Ф1000mm (30-100 grams of spunlace non-woven);

Raw material roll core: Ф76mm;

Reel roll width: <1600mm;

Slitting width: ≥ 70mm (blades 16);

Product Roll diameter: ≤ 400mm;

Total power 12kw

Production speed of 200 m / min (depending on the specific characteristics of the material )

Machine  size : Length 3000mm × width 2500mm × height 1600mm

Equipment weight: 2300kg


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