MW-3600H High Speed Thermoforming Paper Straw Making Machine


                               High Speed Heat Forming Paper Straw   Making Machine 

                                                                    Eight Advantage

1. Save time = paper straw does not need to be dried , packaged online, no mold for 2 years
2.Save the space = the machine workbench is shortened from the original 10 meters to the 6 meter workbench
3.Paper straws are released from boiling water and boiled without degumming
4.No glue paper straws have no smell
5.The same amount of paper, the hardness of the finished paper straw is increased by 50%
6.The product loss rate is greatly reduced, basically no paper jam or paper jam during startup.
7.The thermoforming machine itself has its own sterilization, disinfection and drying functions
8.No glue paper straw machine, solve all kinds of troubles before using glue (Because of the weather temperature, the glue is thick, which leads t frequent paper breaks, paper jams and messy conditions)
9.MINGWEIMachinery provides machinery and equipment, production inspection standards, finished paper straw inspection standards, and raw paper supply. Let your company gain a huge advantage in the market competition, let your company's straws stand out in the market.

Function introduction:

Standard production for 1Inch paper strawthickness less than 1mm. Mainly used for paper straw making , cartridge tube etc, multi-section cutting. Food grade production standard. Spirally paper straw making from heating forming systemwinding, final cutting.


1Body structure, Heavy-duty steel welded after NC cutting. Stable ,Strong and small vibration.

2Paper stand , integral high speed design, constant paper tension control..

3Heating forming system by Hot heating system.

4Simple appearance, all motors put inside, make it easy for cleaning..

5Safety as the core design element, transformation part protected , covered with 1.2mm thick stainless steel

6Stable, simple transformation principle, maintaining-free design, reduce maintaining frequency during operation

7High speed, 100M/Min paper feeding, up to75M/Min paper straw production speed

8 Networking, Industrial 485cable, Ethernet cable, wireless wifi network,5G network, and distributed control system

9Intelligence, central monitoring, real monitoring run state of all equipment, production data can flow into ERP system for data collecting, Meanwhile, Engineer to be informed when machine has errors.

Main Technical:

Number of paper   3Plies
Max-inner diameter  25mm
Min-inner diameter   3.3mm
Max-thickness   1mm
Min-thickness 0.2mm
Cutting Length   120-1300mm
Cutting way  7Blades pneumatic
Length fixation   Encoder
Operator  1People
Capacity 20-75m/min

Mainframe:L*W*H   5000*1300*1800mm
Area: L*W  6000mm×3000mm
Total weight  1800kgs
Total Power  12kw
Mainframe power  1.5kw
Bearing  HRB China
Guide rail  THK JANPANES
Ball spline  TBI TAIWAN
Man machine interface Colour touch screen Weinview
Servo system  SIEMENS 1.5kwx3
Actuator   CHNT
Signal component   OMRON
Pneumatic component  AIRTAC
Synchro control   Synchronous belt and servo motor
Belt angle adjusting  Hand wheel adjustment
Belt tension adjusting  Hand wheel adjustment
Stop when paper break   Have
Lubrication  Electric roller
Paper Tension control   Constant tension control
Paper reel stand  Integral with follow-up paper function
Belt  Sailcloth
TeamViewer  web supervisory control

            The machine mainly includes the following equipment (pictured)
Multi-knife System Online Cutting Paper Straw Machine Spec
1 Sets Tension control and Non-stop paper change system
One Unit 6 Layer Reel Stand
One Unit Spiral Paper Tube Machine With Online Cutting System
One Unit L Type Paper Straw Gathering Machine






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