MW-SSDB High Speed 6 Cutting Knife System Paper Straw Making Machine



The machine is used for produce paper straw

Feature :

1、 Adopt human-machine operation interface, more convenient for operation;

2,、Aluminium Paper reeling stand , Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand

3、Surface Paper is Single side cotaing , middle layer paper is double glue coating

4、 Spiral winding part , specialized operation system , Belt tension device  (hand-wheel driven)

5、 6 Cutting Knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by encoder .cutting final  paper tube directly Servo motor control cutting systemAdjustable length is more  flexible  

7、 Paint steel body

8、Automatic Stop when the paper break

Main technical parameter :

Inner Diameter 5.2-11.2mm
Paper Roll 2-3 Plies Customized according to customer  requirements
Thickness 0.25-1mm
Cutting Length 120-1070mm
Hub Wheel Two Head
Way Of Fixing  Shaft Clamp
Production speed 10-35m/Min (20-30 degree summer  20-35m/min , 0-10 degree Winter  10-30m/min )
Way Of Cutting 58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade
Way Of Gluing Single / Double Side
Blade 6 Groups
Paper Reel Stand 6 Plies Paper Reel Stand
Glue System 2 plies independent glue tank
Main Motor 1.5kwx2 CHINA
Inverter 4kw French Schneider
Servo Motor 1kw French Schneider
Pneumatic  Component China Taiwan Airtac
low-voltage  apparatus Schneider
Control System China by Sunlight Machinery
Linear Guide System JAPAN THK
Operator 1Worker operate 2 machine
Main Part  Dimension 3550*1100*1450mm
Overall Dimension 7500*4800*1500mm
Weight 2100kgs
Way Of Scraping  Glue Independent Glue Box/Polyurethane Scraping  Blade
Moving Finished  Paper Straw Automatically
Lubricating Oil Automatic Giving



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